Three Lakes Creative believes that truly understanding your business is fundamental to designing both an effective and creative website. That's why we work closely with you to learn as much as we can about your business. Think of us as an extension to your team. The process starts by spending time with you to thoroughly understand your business, your industry, your competition and more importantly your goals. We’ll take a look at your current marketing materials and initiatives to gain a sense of both your brand and design style.

Once we have a firm understanding of your vision, style, strategies, and your definition for success we begin the process of design aimed at dazzling your clients and prospects. Our goal is to create a website that differentiates you from your competition.

The appearance of your website and how visitors react to it are two important factors that often determine the success of your business' website. While Internet users are becoming more savvy, they are also overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new websites. As a result web users are less patient. If they are not wowed with your site in the first few seconds they are likely to move on to the next website on their search list. You must grab their attention immediately. That's where Three Lakes Creative excels by combining your vision with our design skills. The results will be a website that you will be proud of and that will deliver your marketing messages to your clients and prospects.

Three Lakes Creative offers a complete line of services to help you market your business on the Internet. Being successful on the web is much more than just having a website. Success on the Internet is having an outstanding website with quality content that clients find useful. It's having a website that complements your other marketing efforts both online and offline. It's about delivering your message effectively to your target market.

Three Lakes Creative will not only develop a successful website for your business, we also help you take advantage of other marketing and communication channels afforded by the Internet. From eNewsletters to blogging we are a team of creative professionals helping you succeed in your business.